Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well seen as uni goes back on Monday, I had better get posting with all the dirt I managed to collect over the holidays. Firstly Lovers and Lobbers traveled to the golden city of Aus... Melbourne! and guess what the nightlife was just as gross as here in Perth. Same amount of pills, same amount of chewing, same amount of urination in the streets and the same amount of gross boys trying to make-out on you whilst your taking their photo. On Saturday we decided on Roxanne main due to the fact there was free budwiser from 11 til it ran out (which wasn't til about1, good effort really!)

Though this "hip Melbourne disco club" exerted the same quality SHAPE does, there was still the gurners grinning from ear to ear as they crush their teeth from the insane amount of eccys they shelfed.
There was hot hot sasla going on in the kareoke bar down stairs, WHICH WAS $10 a SONG and cost $10 to get in... pretty sure the Governers Bar in rottnest was much better and it was free and old seedy men from chidlow brought you shit loads of drinks.

So it seemed Melbourne was not the 'coolest place on earth compared to berlin and london' like its made out to be. It really is just another dumpster like the streets of perth...

Though there were 2 highlights of my night:
ONE: As i left Roxanne with John and he was finishing his cigarette and I was moaning cos I was starving, and complaining about my need for Asian food at this hour, we stumbled upon NOODLE KINGDOM a 24hr noodle house in the middle of Melbourne, Fuck you 24hr maccas I'm headed straight for the udon noodles and shrimp!
Lovers and Lobbers

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  1. LOL - We Melbournites sure get into our eccies. Some fine moments can be had hehe. Did you manage to catch a G-out??? they are quite spectacular to watch albeit highly dangerous for the person involved.