Thursday, August 6, 2009

Public Contributions #2

The Hip-E Club, the late night last resort for the sexy patrons of the Seedy Leedy. There are infinitely many things that could in fact be happening here, personally I think its out of these two:
1. The featured couple are indeed acting promiscuous in a public place and probably later went to by the morning after pill.
2. He's helping her to stand up with his hips.

You decide.

Lovers and Lobbers

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bloody Beetroots

Roll up! roll up! for the amazing gurners at Circus Villa. Yeah gay opening line, but its so true. Villa has become "the place" in Perth to charge. That place just screams clenched jaws and chewing gum covered soles. So I guess I left the bloody beetroots feeling a little let down. This dull mood might also have been caused by being punched in the face for politely trying to help out my fellow lady and pull her skirt down to a reasonable length, guess she liked it the way it was. Though I think she came out worse, having lost $400 worth of hair extensions... I know I'm such a mad cunt.

Anyways onto more important things such as this guy :

Seriously I warned you the weekend before at shape to stay off the biccies at Villa and there you go again sitting on the water so your pills kick in quicker. I'm almost about to call you mum on this one.

Local celebrities and lovers perthquake where there and certainly were not missing out on any action.

This guy was pretty hilarious and that girl was literally ripping his hairs out of his skull and he was still peaking, good sport.

Check out the guy in the top right had corner, maybe he should invest in pupils instead of pills.
But like I said I was disappointed in the night, but I really had to highlight mr. thrid time lucky and the darlings over at perthquake, possibly the only blog roll I'm featured on hahaha

Lovers and Lobbers


Well seen as uni goes back on Monday, I had better get posting with all the dirt I managed to collect over the holidays. Firstly Lovers and Lobbers traveled to the golden city of Aus... Melbourne! and guess what the nightlife was just as gross as here in Perth. Same amount of pills, same amount of chewing, same amount of urination in the streets and the same amount of gross boys trying to make-out on you whilst your taking their photo. On Saturday we decided on Roxanne main due to the fact there was free budwiser from 11 til it ran out (which wasn't til about1, good effort really!)

Though this "hip Melbourne disco club" exerted the same quality SHAPE does, there was still the gurners grinning from ear to ear as they crush their teeth from the insane amount of eccys they shelfed.
There was hot hot sasla going on in the kareoke bar down stairs, WHICH WAS $10 a SONG and cost $10 to get in... pretty sure the Governers Bar in rottnest was much better and it was free and old seedy men from chidlow brought you shit loads of drinks.

So it seemed Melbourne was not the 'coolest place on earth compared to berlin and london' like its made out to be. It really is just another dumpster like the streets of perth...

Though there were 2 highlights of my night:
ONE: As i left Roxanne with John and he was finishing his cigarette and I was moaning cos I was starving, and complaining about my need for Asian food at this hour, we stumbled upon NOODLE KINGDOM a 24hr noodle house in the middle of Melbourne, Fuck you 24hr maccas I'm headed straight for the udon noodles and shrimp!
Lovers and Lobbers

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Public Contributions #1

Here's a little taste of what the people of Perth have been capturing at everyone's favourite events, festivals!!!!! And I'm sure there's much more locked up in Perth's vault.

Isn't it strange that the dirty dirty people of stereosonic don't even give this bloke a second glance? i didn't get lucky enough to attend that shit house lineup but I guess vomiting in the middle of a walkway must have been the norm.

This looks to me like one of the tents at parklife, summerdayze or future music. But click on the image and you can make out that this girl as managed to get double plugged by vicks.

Keep the images coming,
Lovers and Lobbers

Welcome Back!

Due to Uni Break I feel I again have enough free time to help the people of Perth the clean up there act! Whilst I've been away studying I've not seen any improvement in the Perth Social Scene that people are willing to clean up there act. So by popular demand or not, Lovers and Lobbers will be returning for a bit of winter fun, YAAAAAAAAY!

"8. Dancing till you're all hot sweaty is easily the most enjoyable way to stave off the winter chill." (SHAPE - 2009) And the best way to keep you dancing all night is a tummy full of biccies, well it seems that was the trend last weekend at SHAPE. Can you not just support the club a little bit and approach the bar instead of the toilet seat?

Anyway, here is a snippet of the inspiration for re-opening the blog:
Images coursty of Space Ship News at the Future Music Festival 2009

Like I said before the blog will only be open for the duration of uni break. So calm the fuck down and stop trying to sue us! If you don't want your employer/mummies/daddies/gfs/bfs/anyone else you think cares about you, to see you in the state you are in either clean up your act or get a sense of humour and learn to laugh at yourself.

Lovers and Lobbers

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fake Blood and Sinden

Fake Blood and Sinden treated Perth's best to their mix cds (yes, at one point Fake Blood was actually pretending to mix!) on Easter Thursday at the brand new Boomtick venue Villa. This post will be total devoted to those beautiful people that we all know and love, who didn't notice Fake Blood pretending, of course I'm talking about the amazing gurners. Some kids were just getting to crazzzzzzy!!!!!!
Villa is trying to steal Rise's clientele, no bras, glowsticks, fluoro nikes, physdedelic patterns, embarrassing public acts. High Five to ravers, hopefully your sick 90's trends will never die.
This guy obviously this guy has not read this post, but he certainly had heard of the website as when a card found its way into his hand did not look too happy about it. Seriously buddy stop taking so many pillz so I can stop taking so many photos of you, just take a quarter instead.
For getting in a "fight" this guy doesn't seem too unhappy, is it possible this has been caused by something more sinister? If you find your self looking like this, maybe you should read this
Bad moments in time, mmmm I think so, surely she was not under the influence of drugs. I wonder if any of those dry reach(s) eventuated to actual vomit.
Love is a beautiful thing... I hope these two went home together and had a amazing time pacing their bedroom, drink shit loads of water, convincing each other they have developed turrets from all the pillz they took and wasting the entire next day "coming down". I want your life!!!!!!!Yay! Pops, short dresses and shannon noll goaties (I totally forgot about them)!
Time photo was taken: 12.20am
Great Night.

Happy Easter, I hope it was spent munching on chocolate rather than biccies :)
Lovers and Lobbers

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Supporters of Lovers and Lobbers

The image above was emailed through to me by a fan who thought I might like it. This delightful man was snapped outside Bobby Dazzler's in Perth at 2pm. Theory one: he's a bum living outside the pub occasionally moving to scab money for export or... Theory two: he's last night was the biggest night of his live. He passed out in front of Bobby Dazzler's after being kicked out cos the pub was closin' and decided why not should he not remain there for the entirety of his hangover.

If that's not true lovers and lobbers style being exhibited on the dirty streets of Perth, can you show me what is?

Leading to the point of this post...

I need your help! Unfortunately there are just too many Perth people insisting on popping too many pills, making out and generally embarrassing themselves in public for me to capture on camera all by myself. So I put the invitation to you to snap those lovers and lobbers moments yourself and email them thought to with any details (i.e date, time, event) and a comment if you so wish.

Lovers and Lobbers

Friday, April 3, 2009

Summerfest at Curtin Tavern

Curtin Student Guild put a show I will never forget, it was a hilarious night filled with love, sweat and bad fashion. There was so much energy in the air it was fantastic, having never been to a guild event before I found out very quickly what they were all about. Drinking shitloads of alcohol, trying to seduce your crush and making a general idiot of your self.
Shall we start with the lovers....

I love the seedy look on the boy above's face its like he knows in about 5 seconds he will be in the same situation as the people featured about him.
This boy was not gurning though I feel the way he is loving chomping into that kebab bummed him into the loving category putting him up there with the boys chomping on girls faces.

There was plently of male love on show too, the boys from Curtin sure were not ashamed of their true sexuality.
Let the gurning begin!
Though the above two photos could just be a bad angle or moment in time, I must stress that they are not these two actually looked like this! If only someone could have given that boy a chewy...
This boy might have enjoyed one as well.

It was a night of debauchery that put north bridge to shame and it was amazing to say the least. Curtin student guild sure knows how to throw a dirty dirty party and make sure all the good little students are at home in bed with mummy by 12am.

Lovers and Lobbers

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some more material for 7news

Lobbing probably isn't one of them....

I don't think I need to make any further comments, I think you all get the picture!

Lovers and Lobbers

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ever wondered what 1/4 of a pill could do?

Mike Hunt: "Wow your friend is really fucked up..."
Friend of Subject Below: "Yeah she had her first quarter of a pill"

 How do you actually quarter a pill? I mean seriously, its hard enough to half a panadol let alone a quarter biccy which is half the size!

The Night was spent in a beautiful ecstasy at SHAPE, as the hair do she spend hours perfecting was covered with sweat, the make up she applied dripped from her face, the teeth god blessed her with narrowly avoided being chipped by chomping.
And no that is not a glow stick around her neck, its a whistle. Its a good chewing device and you can make off beat sounds. Clearly the new and ultimate lobber accessory!

Though she wasn't displaying many lobber looks she definiatly was in the "loving stage" of the WHOLE QUATER of the pill for most of the night.
Would you believe that the photos were taken in that order.
I can prove it if you don't believe me.

I guess these four went quarters in 'the' pill, youuuu big spenders youuuuuu!

Though this guy didn't get any cos they ran out but I think he was pulling the piss out of her more than I was, instafriends :D
Even the DJ was too embarrassed to be seen with her or her friends, they were abruptly kicked out of the booth, dang, cos they were like totally sick cunt dancerzzzz and mixerzzzzz.

Lets never forget this face, may it be burned into your brain like the image of the twin towers collapsing. The lesson is kidz (if you somehow managed to miss it) DON'T TAKE DRUGS! No matter how small the quantity, it will always end in embarrassment and public stoning if I am present.

Though I can't prove she was off her head, but judging from the above photos, lets hope she was! 

Lovers and Lobbers