Monday, April 13, 2009

Fake Blood and Sinden

Fake Blood and Sinden treated Perth's best to their mix cds (yes, at one point Fake Blood was actually pretending to mix!) on Easter Thursday at the brand new Boomtick venue Villa. This post will be total devoted to those beautiful people that we all know and love, who didn't notice Fake Blood pretending, of course I'm talking about the amazing gurners. Some kids were just getting to crazzzzzzy!!!!!!
Villa is trying to steal Rise's clientele, no bras, glowsticks, fluoro nikes, physdedelic patterns, embarrassing public acts. High Five to ravers, hopefully your sick 90's trends will never die.
This guy obviously this guy has not read this post, but he certainly had heard of the website as when a card found its way into his hand did not look too happy about it. Seriously buddy stop taking so many pillz so I can stop taking so many photos of you, just take a quarter instead.
For getting in a "fight" this guy doesn't seem too unhappy, is it possible this has been caused by something more sinister? If you find your self looking like this, maybe you should read this
Bad moments in time, mmmm I think so, surely she was not under the influence of drugs. I wonder if any of those dry reach(s) eventuated to actual vomit.
Love is a beautiful thing... I hope these two went home together and had a amazing time pacing their bedroom, drink shit loads of water, convincing each other they have developed turrets from all the pillz they took and wasting the entire next day "coming down". I want your life!!!!!!!Yay! Pops, short dresses and shannon noll goaties (I totally forgot about them)!
Time photo was taken: 12.20am
Great Night.

Happy Easter, I hope it was spent munching on chocolate rather than biccies :)
Lovers and Lobbers


  1. there were a lot of funnier characters there than these ones photographed:
    - the guy whose lolly pop kept falling out of his mouth, so he eventually just replaced it with a vicks
    - the multiple people who kept falling off the stage when they were dancing on it
    - the number of people on the dancefloor who blantantly pulled little bags out to count, and then recount the contents.

    These photos really don't do justice to the amount of trashy gurn in the room that night.

  2. Also, on what basis are you acusing Fake Blood of 'pretending to mix'?
    I was in the VIP area for his set, from which you can clearly watch the DJ. I am quite sure Fake Blood is one of the best DJs going around at the moment.
    If you can justify your accusation of him not actually mixing, please do so.
    Unless you are just going into the old cliche cd v vinyl argument, which has been done to death.

  3. Hi Lily,

    I quite agree there was just too much gurning on show to be captured!

    As for Fake Blood's mixing... I too was in the VIP and one of my friends who is a dj pointed it out to me, this was in the last half hour of his set. We watched him pretty intently after we first noticed and we were pretty sure he was faking it, for the part of the set we observed.

    Michael Hunt

  4. Goodness me! You young people are crazy!

    When are you having time out on Rottnest again?

  5. Fake Blood definitely wasn't faking it, he was mixing on 2 CDJs and using Serato via the turntables to drop acapellas and FX sounds. Basically he was using all 4 decks for most of his set, many times he had all 4 faders on the mixer up. It was an amazing set.

    I'd say your DJ friend doesn't really know what he's talking about.

  6. Yeah Fake Blood was not faking it. I think the people suggesting he was faking it could have meant he was pretending to twist a few nobs during a song, but a lot of DJs do that sort of thing, just for the showman aspect, so they aren't standing still doing nothing when a song is being played. I like the website but you should be careful suggesting a DJ is pretending as it can be a pretty harmful comment when it's not true.

  7. That guy is wearing the same shirt again hahaha.

  8. I am not a DJ, but I can tell by looking at Decks whether the faders are on at the very least. I am amazed how your DJ friend couldn't recognise this.

    I am guessing you are just assuming the set was pre recorded because of the quality of mixing and the use of CDJs - a very ignorant assumption to make too.

    Accusing people of gurning is one thing, but accusing a professional DJ of 'pretending to mix' is going too far.

  9. michael hunt...
    four girls PRETENDING to:
    be a boy
    be funny
    have friends who are djs... which i find difficult to believe considering i wouldnt expect to have many friends at all if i were a complete arsehole who ran around snapping unsuspecting, non consenting people and then making rude comments about them, aswell as the lucrative venues they are in and worse the professional djs who get paid to do what they do, which i'm guessing the mike hunt team do not.
    keep up the good work though. i fkn luv ya heapzz tho

  10. hey babes! whats hiphophappening? glad to see u spent easter spreading the message of love for thy neighbour and all that.
    look girls, which one of u lovely ladies is PMSing this week. because u clearly have some issues. maybe your ex bf cheated on u when he was on biccies with some bitch who was waay dardia than you? look i dont know what ur issues with the biccie are. or DJs for that matter. i know ur into like, original and alternative beats, which was seen in ur blog about Nova (i would link but that dont want to go too link crazy lolzz) but lay off fake blood. or not. i dont think its going to bother fake blood in any shape or form because its just 4 little alternative bitches saying shit :)
    have a good easter, i hope u didnt munch on too much chocolate cos judging from the photos ive seen of all of u, u really cant afford it babes :)

  11. whilst i don't really get down on fidget house or whatever was likely to have been in that set, i think touche has been dj'ing long enough to do a decent set with his eyes closed and not have to resort to putting on a Fabriclive with someone else's drops throughout

  12. Dear gossip girl

    Did you hear about the girl who pee'd in the Amps line last night, If only you had an extensive phone network.


  13. do all of you girls just period on eachother when the rest of us go out and have fun? not everyone does pillzzzzz so you can stop saying pillzzzzzz - the pics of you look like you need a biccie anyway, might make u look even funnier.

  14. Emily-rose28, I think it's clear you should invest in some further education. Your lack of any basic understanding of how to construct a sentence in English is raping my eyes! I know this is a big ask for someone who enjoys chewing her face off whilst "hearing it last" on Nova, however I like to think the best of people.

    Luvs it babes, Lolzz!


  15. Dear Michael,

    Was reading through the above blog and came across a word that I believe the meaning of is a new addition to youthful language, that I as a bit of an "oldie" may have missed the emergence of. can you please help me out with it's new definition?

    The word is "turrets" as in "...they have developed turrets from all the pillz they took ..."

    I only know the word to refer to those little towers constructed vertically from the side wall of a castle, which was generally used for defensive purposes.

    Just curious.


  16. Hello Mitch,

    As your probably aware, I'm a terrible speller.
    I meant "tourette's syndrome"
    Though I wonder if there is a way to apply turrets to pill poppers...

    Michael Hunt