Friday, March 27, 2009

Ever wondered what 1/4 of a pill could do?

Mike Hunt: "Wow your friend is really fucked up..."
Friend of Subject Below: "Yeah she had her first quarter of a pill"

 How do you actually quarter a pill? I mean seriously, its hard enough to half a panadol let alone a quarter biccy which is half the size!

The Night was spent in a beautiful ecstasy at SHAPE, as the hair do she spend hours perfecting was covered with sweat, the make up she applied dripped from her face, the teeth god blessed her with narrowly avoided being chipped by chomping.
And no that is not a glow stick around her neck, its a whistle. Its a good chewing device and you can make off beat sounds. Clearly the new and ultimate lobber accessory!

Though she wasn't displaying many lobber looks she definiatly was in the "loving stage" of the WHOLE QUATER of the pill for most of the night.
Would you believe that the photos were taken in that order.
I can prove it if you don't believe me.

I guess these four went quarters in 'the' pill, youuuu big spenders youuuuuu!

Though this guy didn't get any cos they ran out but I think he was pulling the piss out of her more than I was, instafriends :D
Even the DJ was too embarrassed to be seen with her or her friends, they were abruptly kicked out of the booth, dang, cos they were like totally sick cunt dancerzzzz and mixerzzzzz.

Lets never forget this face, may it be burned into your brain like the image of the twin towers collapsing. The lesson is kidz (if you somehow managed to miss it) DON'T TAKE DRUGS! No matter how small the quantity, it will always end in embarrassment and public stoning if I am present.

Though I can't prove she was off her head, but judging from the above photos, lets hope she was! 

Lovers and Lobbers

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trevor Loveys at SHAPE

Last night I went to the deen then continued onto SHAPE, there was no shortage of rankness exhibited at both venues. Though in this post I will be concentrating on the new clientele of SHAPE has managed to attract it's definitely a turn for the worse! I'd have to say that last night for a one night stand the deen had nothing on SHAPE. Here are some fine examples of the new SHAPE crowd....

We shall start with the loving:
Not only did these guys make out throughout the night,
They also managed to rule the dance floor with their sexy salsa and bump'n'grind!
Pill in affect...Pill wears off...

Classic Lobber Looks

The Sniff:
The Embrace:The Chew:
The Charger:
Another thing SHAPE was doing a way shitter/ranker job of was whore dancing.

The patrons of SHAPE weren't going to let the rankness end when they left the club:
If only 95% of the patrons ended up like this (possibly dead from choking on their own vomit) the world would be a better place for us all! This is only a sample of the many people I captured disgracing themselves at SHAPE,unfortunately there were too many photos to post.

Positives of the night:
- Spending $30 on HJs and Kebabs
- Finding out one of my friends, who could have definitely featured on this blog many many a time, has decided to stop popping pillzzzzzzz
- Finding out that people who attend hip-hop-happenin' clubs like SHAPE are no better than those who attend the deen

Lovers and Lobbers

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nova 93.7

A little lovers and lobbers message for Nova 93.7:
I'm ashamed my blog was mention on your shit house radio station.You ruin everything that is good about music, making people endure ads and your crappy commentary to hear 6month old songs!Chances are these two are some of your beautiful cash in listeners. In fact probably 95% of the people of featured on my blog listen to your shit station. Your listeners are the typical festival crowd, going out for a day to take more pills than last time and listen to their new favourite song that you guys picked up when the line up was announced. Your listeners are exactly the type of people I'm pulling the piss out of and you advertise my blog on your website, cheap.

Lovers and Lobbers

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nightmare at the Manor Part III

Firstly this was one of the best nights I have had so far this year! I was very impressed with the amount of people dressed up, also the quality of people was pretty good, I guess all the shitty people were at SHAPE for "get maggot and have sex with randoms party"
Never the less the Manor did exhibit the same amount of rankness at one point in the night:

If the persons featured are read this a little lovers and lobbers advice for you both:
Do either of you not have a house?
Girl, do you have any self respect?
Boy, do you have any self respect? Shoving your cock in some girls mouth who is willing to suck it underneath a grand piano turntable makes you just as rank as she is.
Though they did get discovered, after snapping them I announced to most of the dance floor was was going on under there, their walk of shame was unforgettable!

This was the Manor's only slip up for the whole evening, congratulations!

Lovers and Lobbers

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thee Bang Gang Deejays

When thee Bang Gang Deejays play its not too hard to predict the type of crowd they will draw on the basis of their musical choice. This day was no exception! With Shape being packed to the rafters by 10:30pm the night before for thee Bang Gang, I was under the impression the same sardine can would re-represent at the Cott...
Pleasantly surprised!
Throughout the set the dance floor did not exceed this number of people :D

Though the quality of those people was debatable...

Some Lobbers brought a permanent maker (and did not even tag loversandlobbers =O)
Instead they choose to get up with
"Jake was here" (who spellz that shiz correctly!)
"wi wi head"
"dizzee russell"
"get your minge out" (there was a just a tiny bit of this occuring throughout the night)

(click the image to enlarge and see all the lover-able tags for yourself)

Some times lobber just take it too far, was the pop not enough!!!!!

I had too much fun that night dancing like a fool with lobbers to excessive amounts of strobe and got 15 free juices due to the cott partaking in a thing called "Skippers" which should be implemented in all clubs.

Lovers and Lobbers

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Future Music Festival

Once again the typical festival catch 22 situation reared its head; the acts were great, the people were gross. Mind you greatness of the acts outweighed the grossness of the people and without any gross people I wouldn't have a blog!

This guy's shirt represented every punters thoughts:

WALRUS - is one lolly pop not enough?
Does it work on a ratio of pills to lollypops?

The usual lobbing activites were in no short supply...
These two asians were dry humping throughout grand master flash, only stopping to "clear their heads"
The Chew times two, yeah baby!
When out of pop, the stick can and will be used instead.

There was also a new lobber talent on show - Multitasking!
This guy is doing a really really great job of:
Lobbing, Being on the Phone, Drinking and Standing Up

Other Lobber talents...
Congrats Lobbers! As I see being on top of a bin a step in the right direction, your just that little bit closer towards being in the bin, your rightful place!

Positives of the Day and Night:
- Free Ticket from my mummabear
- My brother getting a blood nose from the security
- Pharrell inviting girls on stage then being a total cunt to them (i.e one tried to take a photo with him and he knocked her camera out of her hands onto the floor!)

Lovers and Lobbers