Friday, March 27, 2009

Ever wondered what 1/4 of a pill could do?

Mike Hunt: "Wow your friend is really fucked up..."
Friend of Subject Below: "Yeah she had her first quarter of a pill"

 How do you actually quarter a pill? I mean seriously, its hard enough to half a panadol let alone a quarter biccy which is half the size!

The Night was spent in a beautiful ecstasy at SHAPE, as the hair do she spend hours perfecting was covered with sweat, the make up she applied dripped from her face, the teeth god blessed her with narrowly avoided being chipped by chomping.
And no that is not a glow stick around her neck, its a whistle. Its a good chewing device and you can make off beat sounds. Clearly the new and ultimate lobber accessory!

Though she wasn't displaying many lobber looks she definiatly was in the "loving stage" of the WHOLE QUATER of the pill for most of the night.
Would you believe that the photos were taken in that order.
I can prove it if you don't believe me.

I guess these four went quarters in 'the' pill, youuuu big spenders youuuuuu!

Though this guy didn't get any cos they ran out but I think he was pulling the piss out of her more than I was, instafriends :D
Even the DJ was too embarrassed to be seen with her or her friends, they were abruptly kicked out of the booth, dang, cos they were like totally sick cunt dancerzzzz and mixerzzzzz.

Lets never forget this face, may it be burned into your brain like the image of the twin towers collapsing. The lesson is kidz (if you somehow managed to miss it) DON'T TAKE DRUGS! No matter how small the quantity, it will always end in embarrassment and public stoning if I am present.

Though I can't prove she was off her head, but judging from the above photos, lets hope she was! 

Lovers and Lobbers


  1. Its funny when random lobbers invite themselves into the DJ booth so their friends can see how cool they are...Oh look shaz is is in the DJ booth woooo! what a awwwwesome bitch!

    and PS I aint going to play sneaky sound system for you!

  2. ...hmm its pretty sad that u go out to these venues and just take photos of other people. get a life buddy :)

  3. are you actually trying to be gossip girl...pretty sure we are not on the upper east side "michael hunt"
    do us all a favour, including you, and slip into something more a coma

  4. hahahahahhahah michael hunt is hilarious, im so glad all us people actually have lives have this loser to take photos for us.
    nice work asshole

  5. hahah my friend said he saw 'the guy taking photos of everyone' in the toilet and that u have a small dick michael hunt. poor chap. is that why you try and degrade other people to make u feel like a big boy? nice try little one, im glad uve got this site tho coz it shows how much free time u have. get a friend u cockhead or focus on growing your dick.

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  7. greggy babe, pretty sure your michael hunt!!

  8. Don't you feel like a complete parasite spending your time posting things like this in a self indulged pursuit of internet fame?
    You say your of invasion of privacy and basic human decency is to 'save people from a lifetime of disgrace', but personally I think you're just a bitter, seedy person who for some reason gets validated by exploiting people's mistakes or moments of thoughtlessness. I would ask how you would have felt if someone plastered a mindless misjudgment of your youth on the internet-- but im doubtful you ever had anyone pay you any attention aside from through your nasty blog.

  9. ohhhh greeeggggg, looks like someone wants to be michael hunt

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  11. pretty sure my names owen, greggy, hence most would infer that i was male, dont make assumptions based on the fact that some people have not yet sold their soul to the devil like yourself, and dont find public humiliation that entertaining

  12. Chapter XXXV — Criminal defamation
    345. Criminal defamation
    (1) A person who, without lawful excuse, publishes matter defamatory of another living person (the victim) —
    (a) intending to cause serious harm to the victim or any other person or without having regard to whether such harm is caused,
    is guilty of a crime and is liable to imprisonment for 3 years.
    Summary conviction penalty: imprisonment for 12 months and a fine of $12 000.

  13. Dear Tyson/tysonjohn-1988/owen/aa890/MyCunt/michelle hunt

    If you don't like my blog don't read it!
    Also the subject featured above told me she only had a quarter of a pill, so in fact it is not defamation and she let me take photos of her.

    Michael Hunt

  14. wow, a lot of people getting pretty miffed about a blog about wasters on flippers.

    also, 10 points to michael hunt for having a hotmail address in 2009. sick move

  15. haha this is pretty funny... but considering these people are getting pretty angry about it i just hope they dont know how to catch u :P

  16. Let you take photos of her? Of course she did, she clearly wasn't in the right frame of mind to make a clear decision. Good job taking advantage of a young girl's lack of judgement though.

    Also, at what point did you get permission to publicise the photos? Because I believe that that is the main definition of this kind of public defamation, not the actual taking of the photograph.

    And I think we can safely say you did this "without having regard to whether such harm is caused". I don't know what a lawyer would say though.

  17. maybe these people shouldnt go out and get so fucked up
    then they wouldnt have anything to be worried about
    and to tysonjohn-1988 ever been to dorcia?
    they take photos without your consent and post it all over myspace
    its a free for all with photographers
    check out or xpress or drum media
    ive never told them they could post a photo of me
    and somehow I always end up in there
    so maybe you should SHUT THE FUCK UP

  18. maybe u should CALM THE FUCK DOWN ya cunt
    when u go to concerts festivals etc they dont post shit underneath it, its just photos, and theyre not photos of this malicious nature either.
    maybe YOU should go and get fucked up for once, it might help remove the dick from your head.

  19. hahahahaahhaa Ive seen so many photos of people off their heads at concerts you fucken twat!
    it seems like you dont know shittt hey
    obviously if michael knew these people were off their heads by the following reasons-
    chewing, telling everyone 'OMGZZZ IM SO FARKEN FUCKED HEY LIKE MY PILL IS LIKE FULLY KICKIN IN', falling over everyone, pupils bigger then your actually eyeball and last but not least jumping up on the djs booth and begging them to the newest song on nova you heard the other day
    then in no way is it a Criminal defamation
    because this girl and other people basically announce it to everyone
    maybe 'tyson'(if that is your name) your getting so upset because your the girl in the picture hmm?

  20. hahhahahahahhaha this is great, pretty sure u all need to calm the fuck down...hunty baby i sense fear in you tone....
    i would love to see your law degree which shows how you would have any idea what criminal defamation is...
    helooiiii criminal defamation:) and a lovely $6000-$12000 fine

  21. i love michael hunt for his cleverness in thinking up fake names
    i love michael hunt because really i'm just jealous as i would personally like to spend my weekends running around with my camera being a a big filthy voyeur too taking photos of drunk people, pooh and wee anddd then thinking up really funny captions and stories.
    i love michael hunt because he's really street/ hip and happening and uses some pretty sick names for drugs, biccies and pilzzz to name a few
    i also love michael for his originality instead of ripping off xoxo from a certain american tv show you go all out and be totally original and say xxx, now thats downright genius
    michael hunt may think he's clever presuming its not defamation if quote:and she let me take photos of her unquote. SORRY! why didnt you say so earlier! its perfectly fine to humiliate people on the internet if they let you take the pictures in the first place!
    and all this talk of criminal codes and such... who cares.
    i love michael hunt because what he does is so morally questionable, if what he's doing is ok then hell i'm blair warldorf herself, the poor girl in the pictures, probably even jesus.
    people get drunk, have sex and take drugs, its been happening for decades, ask your mum if she still talks to your bitter little self. its called living. going out and finding drinks vouchers on the ground at festivals and selling them! michael i love you but that ain't living!
    i love you michael hunt and someone should nominate you for australian of the year, more people need to do what you do.
    love ya, wouldn't want to be ya!

  22. cronkkkkyy you is a lol
    pretty sure u should start your own blog!!!!
    i would fully read your witty anecdotes everyday.

  23. I do love the "If you don’t like it then don't read it" childish comeback, but to be honest, I can't really tear myself away now. It’s just too fascinating; it’s like a car crash. Because you’re legal predicament is very real. I would suggest you do a little more research on defamation. I am studying media law at Sydney University and, simply, if you can’t provide legitimate evidence (signature, recording, etc) that you had permission, then you’re fucked. Just a tip, I’d stop conceitedly dancing around this like you’re indestructible :)

  24. I agree, really funny cronk211! Definitely better than anything Hunt could think up of!

  25. HAHHAHAHAH this has become the new facebook. i love ya ALL.
    MyCunt is in a relationship with: cronk211

    MyCunt just wrote on Michael Hunts wall:

    Mikeyyy hey mate, feel like a biccy on the wkend? feel like popping some pilllzzzzzzz and being sick cuntzz togethah? me and cronk are hitting up SHaPe so come and take some snaps with us and we'll post them on blogspot and cause absolute chaos and hopefully get caught by the copppaazzz
    Peace out, MyCunt.

    Tyson wrote on MyCunts wall: :|

  26. Michael Hunt just wrote on MyCunts wall:

    Suuup MyCunt, i'd love to totally party with u but that would totally contradict my alternative lifestyle. Im going to sit in my room and scoff at people wasting their life away at "clubs" like "shape" having "fun" with their "friends". thats liiike soo commercial. GUESS WHAT! last night i didnt spend ANY MONEY AT ALL! even though i went to like 4 clubs! it was fucking insane!! yeah, so people abused me, i made no friends, and everyone told me to fuck off, BUT I EVEN GOT DRIVE THROUGH ON THE WAY HOME! fuckinggg ssssiiiick.
    Michael Hunt

  27. michael hunt has just joined the group: Eternal Virgins

    Michael Hunt has been tagged in the album: Psycho Photographer at Shape

    Michael Hunt has become a fan of: Small Dicks

  28. Michael Hunt is listed as in a relationship with: Cath Burnie

    Michael Hunt is maybe attending 'Grow a bigger dick day'

    Michael Hunt is attending 'Grow a bigger dick day'

    Michael Hunt became a fan of: Pillzzzzz

  29. i just requested his friendship, only to be denied... figures.
    a few things on his profile really worrying me:
    Michael Hunt became a fan of Shape... whaaaat?? surely not, from reading some of your posts i got the impression you didnt like shape aka mecca, please explain
    also Michael Hunt became a fan of child porn... disturbing but unsurprising

  30. alsssooo being the alternative/ i hate all the mainstream people who live happy fun filled lives type that you are; how does it feel to become a sell out?
    i mean sure the nova website is just wonderful, but to copy the link and post it on your 'photojournalism at its best' blog. Did you expect people to give you a good pat on the back? i sure would if i could. i love you michael hunt.
    i wouldnt be surprised if mikey was busting out pussy cat dolls into a hairbrush in front of the mirror as i speak.

  31. Michael Hunt got 1 New Message

    Dearest Michael,

    I really enjoyed the changes you made to this 'post'. Its a shame that you changed it really. I oh so preferred the first one that I decided to keep a copy of the original. Cute really. I think it could be framed or even be useful in a court of law. Who knows really?

    So I was just having a quick look through this charming piece of 'literature' and I was surprised not to find a photo of you, Mikey? I though this was a blog dedicated to the real beauty of Perth. Surely your face should be splattered across every page. You have such a good 'vibe' as a person. Seriously you must have a fucking rank face.

    Next time you go out lets meet up. Maybe you could drug me this time and then take lots of photos of me and put them in the newspaper. Wouldn't that be a fucking hoot. At least I would have better self respect than you.

    So to quickly conclude. We noticed your change, its still defamation, your still fucked, more fucked than the poor girl you are trying to humiliate.

    Anyway best be off
    See you at Curtin Tomorrow for Science

    P.S Your mother must be so fucking Proud. Does she cry herself to sleep or did you take a photo of her enjoying herself and published that on the internet and humiliate her too? I wouldn't be surprised.

  32. Michael hunt, or shall i say Michael Hint, as everyday we find something more about ya, is probably taking pictures of the naked children next door to him whilst singing 'pictures of you' by the last goodnight.
    He will then load the pictures onto this blog whilst watching 'One hour photo' on showtime.
    He will then settle down and play a nice game of monopoly and purchase a house in picadilli.

  33. there is a thread on the itm forums solely dedicated to posting photos of and making fun of gurners. why don't you guys go take your pseudo-legalities over there and verbally harass some people into shape?

    oh, and threats? treading a fine line into illegality yourself there, friend.

  34. hahahhaaha I ADORE the edit, Michael! And I thought your balls couldn't be smaller!

  35. (By the way- "Oh but your honour, your honour- I dodged any kind of legal problem because two days later I posted on the blog that "a friend of her's" told me she took drugs! And we all know that if a friend of a friend says a person took drugs then that person therefore has no rights of privacy or freedoms!")

  36. ahhh alex i believe you're missing the point here

  37. how much did mikey pay u to say that "alex"? or did he just promise not to put up the photos of mikey taking it up the ass from u?
    not to flatter to you alex, thats the least of my intentions, but lets face it, it wouldnt be mikey, i dont think he could handle "is it in? is it in yet?" over and over again, seeing as his self esteem is clearly incredibly low.

    anyway enough of talking to alex, poor mikey will be getting lonesome! okay mikey, quick question - whos your favourite veronica?? on the spot i know, but im sure uve given it plenty of thought as it is, so shouldnt be too challenging

  38. "Also the subject featured above told me she only had a quarter of a pill" as opposed to

    Mike Hunt: "Wow your friend is really fucked up..."
    Friend of Subject Below: "Yeah she had her first quarter of a pill"

    i'm a tad confused mikey, which version of the story is true, or shock horror are neither? some clarification please

  39. there are no australian right to privacy laws.

  40. please, do elaborate the point. i would love to hear it.

    i feel like your comments could be seen as defamation there, tyson. i would hate for you to be treading on the wrong side of the law :(

  41. there are, however, freedom of speech laws :D

  42. that may be shamblex, but there are Defamation Acts. Do your pre-reading before u get involved.

  43. ever read the privacy act 1988 al?
    its a thoroughly enjoyable 143 page read about An Act to make provision to protect the privacy of individuals, and for related purposes.
    give a squz alllyyy boy

  44. Oh i'm sorry alex, I'll clear it up for you. I was referring to the basic human rights of decency and respect, but if you wanted to get into legalities be my guest. Hop onto google or law for dummies or whatever is making you puff your chest out- and maybe then ask yourself if what Michael here is doing is right or not.

  45. not a boy but thanks for playing.

    sorry, i'll reiterate it - no common law precedent for right to privacy.

    also, squiz is spelt with an 'i'.

  46. alex, i do not understand why u have done the facial expressions :D and :(

    im sorry i do no comprehend, please explain. the only one i understand is :|

    anyway moving on, how are my comments seen as defamatory? i would hate for you to be treading on the wrong side of me.

  47. thanks for clearing it up but last time i checked we didn't have any human rights protection regarding decency and respect in wa.



    especially when squiz was so profoundly central of the argument!!!! owen u should probably just end it now.

  49. well, i think the terribly unfortunate comments you made in regards to me are implying a lower level of character on my behalf, which is just not true at all :(

    i would hate for you to be threatening people on the internet D:

  50. Oh my god this is tiresome. Alex, I never said WA had human rights protection. But I elieve you don't need a law in place to be able to tell right from wrong, you just need a consience and half a brain. I'm sorry if my use of the word "right" confused you, but I can understand you don't hear that word very often.

  51. Wow, this sure has a lot of feedback..

    The biggest tactical error made by this guy was targetting the girls at shape, who are most likely from the western suburbs and have daddies who either are lawyers or can pay big bucks to get him into some pretty serious shit. Pretty entertaining though.

  52. alex you really need to settle down and stop using smiley faces.

  53. i have to agree, this is so tiresome.

    honestly, this blog might not be a paradigm of virtue and righteousness, but you guys harassing the ever living fuck out of it and making thinly veiled threats is no better.


  54. if we are going to be particular alex to "reiterate" something means to say or do over again repeatedly. i believe your second comment actually expanded on your first comment consequently it is not a reiteration of your previous comment but an entirely new statement.

    thanks for playing

  55. Funniest quote of this whole comments.


    i know.

    that was one of the funniest things ever, and i love your little faces u put on alex. :D, :), :(
    very creative!
    try this one :| next. coz ur wrong about everything, coz ur dumb, and u shouldnt be surprised by it. now dont speak unless spoken to. but mike hunt :O can speak whenever he's thought of something smart to say back.

    ps aa890 who are you coz ur a legend.

    and mark is spot on. i love money :P :D :S

  56. Alex, I still don't get how you can stand up for a guy like Michael and then bitch and moan about people not being especially nice to you on a comment board. It seems a bit of a double standard!

    (MyCunt- hahaha, same to you!)

  57. hahahahah!

    don't be discouraged michael hunt - of the pill-taking haters that are posting shitty comments and empty threats (aka mr internet tough guy - "tyson") - you have 10 times more fans!

    im fucking sick of going to festivals/certain clubs and having to watch myself around meth heads and pill heads who can't handle the gear. fuc-king bravo for exposing these dick heads for the dead shit gurners they are, i hope your relatives and employers find your pretty picture up on this site.

    now now, i'm trying to work out which one of these snapped up gurners are the 'hater' commenters of this blog post. i'm guessing tyson is the one from aus day - the dick with the black 'bikini' style brief, exposing a little too much of his mummy's issue undies, probably has a nice fucking southern cross tatoo to match on his back - sick dardy cunt oi!


  58. "you" should definitely take a chill pill.

    sorry, i can see you're clearly against taking drugs and i do not want to offend u in any way because u are clearly a very important person with a great deal of power and respect.

    just saying...small dick=not surprised

  59. i don't feel like i ever particularly stood up for them, i just feel like if you guys want to make the point that what he's doing is wrong or rude or whatever, then being complete assholes and making threats is not the way to go about it.

    i'm not complaining that you guys are not being nice to me because i'm a big girl and i'm pretty sure i can handle it - i'm saying that if you want to take the moral high ground, do it without stooping to the person you are making your point against's level.

  60. pretty sure "you" is the guy getting his dicked sucked under the manor grand piano....hes adopted the philosophy "if you cant beat them, join them"
    good form

  61. alex! no smiley faces!
    dont change who you are babe. be strong. continue using them. live the dream.

  62. Yeah shmalex, i miss your faces, they made me smile. i bet u have a lovely smile. not as nice as aa890's though ;)

    love you

  63. sorry tyson :(
    i felt it was too serious for smileys, maybe i should have gone with :|
    but i will keep living my smiley dream, thanks :D

  64. small dick? what's your obsession with undersized penises? you've said that 2-3 times already. are you throwing that term around in the hope that other small penised men will reach out to you so you can perhaps get them in on your group buy of ye olde microscope and forcep masturbation kit?

    sorry to disappoint, i wish you luck though.

    man im taking fire from all angles here, must be a speed filled sunday for some, you haters sure reply quick!

  65. its 'quickly' "you".


  66. those were the simpler times, when it was just us and greggy carelessly tossing remarks back and forth without a care in the world or having to resort to threats.

  67. You crazy kids and your threats!

    pretty sure "you" deserves a round of lol's for his drug related remark "speed filled sunday"....
    thats me laughing as im coming down from my high off biccyyzzzzzz

  69. oh owen. u and ur biccyzzz

    :P :| :) :D :S :( << in memory of alex. RIP

  70. you know who i miss, michael himself. such a brave and heroic drug fighter, he has snuck in to cleverly alter the facts of the post, but where has our crusader/ knight in shining armour been when the going has gotten tough?

    it has dawned on me that michael could potentially save the country from impending recession: the government should stop spending ridiculous amounts of money on anti drug and alcohol campaigns and just leave mikey to it.
    let him out on saturday nights and he'll clean up the streets with his trusty little kodak swung around his neck, and all his morals and such. give him a few years and everyone will be in bed by 10pm on a saturday night reading harry potter and sipping (caffeine free) hot chocolate

  71. Sorry 'you' but you seem quiet familiar with the concept of the ye old microscope and forceps masturbation kit. Do you still have to use it? I think deep down you really would want in on a group buy but from what I hear and read tyson needs no help to see himself. And yes we is such hard core druggiess and like shit that we need to have speed on sunday nights to help with our studying and like shit. And seriously how old are you though if you are hating going to clubs and seeing people a bit loose? Did the nursing home let you out for the night.

    Mark how true. Fucking love the money. MyCunt and I should meet then we could role in money together. They are luckey it's not someone famous' daughter. Then they would be fucked. Anyway the elite inner workings of the Western Suburbs are already working together to bring Mikey Dawwwwwg Sick Fucking Cunt Mixxxxxer down. It helps Knowing the Dean of Science at Curtin.

    P.S Owen you are my idol.

  72. Yes Cronk bring Mikey Back!

  73. Mikey, so much potential. You could be a private investigator, seeing as u are clearly adept at stalking people, or as cronk cleverly suggested, an advisor to K rudd or the minister for health on tacking the drug issue. Maybe u could even be an inspirational speaker telling people how to live their lives the Michael Hunt way!
    how are u going to choose from all these job opportunities!
    actually cronk, i beg to differ, i think mikey is the REASON for the economic recession, noone wants to hire anyone unless its michael hunt, why settle for second best, when the creme de la creme is clearly sitting at home with PLENTY of time on their hands just waiting to be discovered!

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. I enjoy your blog, even if the trolls do not.

  76. Wow, how typical of Perth. All I see here is "whaa whaa I'm a whinging bitch I post needlessly on someone elses blog please read my comments". If you object to this so much then go start your own anti-lovers and lobbers blog or some shit (of course you wont, its far easier to sit back and critisize someone elses blog than make one yourself) and stop posting here. No one gives a fuck about you. On the topic of Mike's original post - I'm curious if that guys fingers smelled like blueberrys after he extracted them from that girls vag.

  77. oh jessee how wrong you are.....i pitty fools like yourself

  78. Wrong in your opinion Owen? Wow, I wont be losing sleep over it. And I don't 'pity' you, you don't deserve it.

  79. of course i wont make a blog, not because i its far easier to critisize but because who really has that much spare time?
    please don't lose sleep jessee, i wouldn't want your unconscious state to deter you from posting extremely comical comments.
    hope to hear from you soon jessee's girl

  80. 12 comments by yourself on this topic owen - seems like Mikehunt isn't the only one with lots of spare time on their hands. Go on, keep posting crap on here to show everyone how much time you have to waste retard.

  81. !just trying to get your comment count up jesse babe

  82. I have to admit, this blog is more-than-likely the most pitiful attempt at gaining street credit I’ve ever encountered it makes me want to tear my eyes out and leave them in a bowl of strong turpentine in the hope that the faecal matter that was forcefully wiped all over them after reading this would somehow be removed. A for you morons blabbing on and on about legal this and legal that, just because you picked your fat ass up after high school and floundered your way into a legal degree, probably stemming from your commerce degree, that you spent a few years trialling, wasting your parents money trying to decide which section of corporate sludge you would like to suck-eggs from the bottom of, doesn't mean anyone cares about your little legal debate via comment space on the blog you "hate so much." I realise leaving a comment here is far beneath me, but seeing as how you are all clearly in need of so much attention, I figured I may as well lend you my advice. LOVERSANDLOBBERS: Your blog is a stench-filled combination of narcissism and plagiarised attitude, there are plenty of great blogs that have similar incident-based formats, however they seem to pull off being the narcissistic bastards they are with an air of intelligence,wit, and subtle satirical humor, judging by the colossal-sized failure of your writing abilities (and I use the term "abilities" very loosely) this is something you are lacking. Just because you can walk around throwing your lame imaginary mallet of social justice around with the bravery of a camera, doesn’t make you an elusive hero, it makes you look like spineless bitches. I realise you are conveniently "above" radio when it suits you, I’m guessing you’re the type of jackass who is so proud to admit to people that you "heard" a certain piece of music first then open your fat mouth and claim the glory when it's been aired on the radio, wow it’s almost like you wrote and produced the music yourself, CONGRATULATIONS! You are one step closer to being completely immersed in your own colon. Your blog is as tasteless as the subjects that feature in it, Your claim to fame is mediocre pornography which only drew attention because you shamelessly sold it so you could clutch desperately at the tailcoats of individualism, wow you're just so alternative and edgy, "'s are cool right? Is this right? Is this how I look like I have a personality?" Gold star for being so bravely non-conformist, it must be so hard to be a brainless little hypocrite with a camera and overwhelmingly bloated sense of self-importance. When I lost some of my life reading your vomit-inducing material I wanted to repeatedly smash my forehead onto my desk until I lost consciousness so the pain of your egotistical-fuelled worthlessness would stop dropping a steaming hot turd on my brain. I see you suggested someone start their own blog about how much they hate this blog, I seriously considered it before I remembered I actually posses a life, plus I would be a little concerned that you would thieve my intellectual property, I don't doubt this comment will be removed, dissected and re-arranged so you can pull a few more witty anecdotes from out of someone else’s sleeve, serve it up against those 'generic conformists' you are so clearly 'above' and pop in a few references to urban culture. Stop trying to get by on the anti-drugs line, apparently you think somehow being anti-drugs makes you more morally dignified, unfortunately it doesn't make up for the remaining 98% of your blog that consists of debauched morals. Here's a question for you, do you do refunds? I would like the last 5 minutes of my life back so I can spend it doing something more productive i.e.: ANYTHING

  83. Wow - way too many comments to read so excuse me if this has already been said.

    As a journalist and someone who has studied Media Law, which focuses pretty strongly on defamation, I wanted to tell you guys that very few defamation cases are successful and are usually quashed in mediation because it's EXTREMELY difficult to prove how your reputation has been tarnished. Also, the very few defamation cases that ever make it to court cost millions! So I really wouldn't worry Mike :)

  84. Dear Two,
    Is it ok if I applaud you? Not because you have ripped into the very essence of the character of Mr Hunt (which you have done like the worlds’ biggest band-aid) which has been fun to observe on this dreary Monday, but because you have done this with quick wit AND fantastic grammar that had been so lacking in prior comments.
    Almost made my day.
    That said, I second the idea that the whole scenario is much like a car accident. You just have to watch.
    *sigh* It now appears I have to return to reality, but I thank you all for the laughs, even you Mike, you little agitator you.

  85. Two - onya for writing a stupidly long post that no-one can be bothered reading. Feel special do we?

  86. Two, u are hilarious. Jesse...was that a comeback?? I would love to reply saying "awesome comeback" but i will refrain on the off chance that you wouldnt grasp the sarcasm...
    u either dont have the attention span to read the comment, oorrr u have read it and dont understand it, oorrrr u have read it, understand it, and thats the best u can come up with.
    i havent decided which is worse.

  87. tyson - looks like your spending even more time on this blog reading bullshit.Nothing better to do? You have too much time on your hands. Get a life.

  88. woah this is getting crazy! cant believe all the attention this has gotten. pretty funny that michael is starting to back down apparently! has michael hunt left the country? he seems to be mia on this....

    emily rose here, M last spotted entering customs in uzbekistan with massive camera, looking like he's searching for lovers and lobbers that wont have the big bucks to retaliate...
    You know love me,

  89. guys.
    this shit can really fuck you up.
    you don't know what it's like to have your life ruined by stuff like this.

    and people like you michael. i feel sorry for you.why do you need to engage in such hurtful behaviours?

    i'm clean now. but this girl just needs- she needs a friend. and that isnt what you're giving her.


  90. TWO:

    what "Two" wrote was possibly the funniest and on-point thing i have ever read. Jessie u should learn a lesson from "Two's" writing abilities. now that's some writing i would like to see more of. this blog is shit!if i were u i would b accepting the beat-down i just got and praying to god that two never wants to lay it down again!!!! lol.


  91. liam - if I want to be 'impressed' by someone's writing abilities I'll go to the bookstore and get a decent book. I wont waste time reading some superfluous hyperbole posted on a blog site by a nobody. If you think this blog is shit then why spend time reading / posting here? I'm sure you have accepted many beat-downs in your life.

  92. jessee, im going to steal your girl. and

    "I wont waste time reading some superfluous hyperbole posted on a blog site by a nobody"

    theennn don't??
    you are clearly as into this as anyone else here.

  93. ahhh jesse i just spied a complete contradiction in your post 'I wont waste time reading some superfluous hyperbole posted on a blog site' ppprreeetttyyy sure you just did and no doubt you will do it again and again as you continue to retaliate to what liam so perfectly stated as a 'beat down'.

  94. but u'll waste time reading my praise for sumone else? sad really. i think ur jealous of TWO. as for the hyperbole comment, perhaps u should learn more about how hyperbole has contributed to the likes of humor. then mayb i would read ur blog and not marvell at ur hatemail.

  95. If you lot of geniuses read my comment correctly the "contradiction" was preceded by the statement - "if I want to be 'impressed' by someone's writing abilities I'll go to the bookstore and get a decent book". Get it right if your going to try and score points. It's fun to spend time calling out muppets and retards when they are behaving about muppets and retards. Liam - it's not my blog. But please, do continue to read something that must mean so much to you.

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. yeaaaah pretty sure everyone got over what jessee had to say about 55 comments ago..

  98. hahahahaha.... i think someone is jealous they can't write like this Liam....

    "CONGRATULATIONS! You are one step closer to being completely immersed in your own colon. Your blog is as tasteless as the subjects that feature in it, Your claim to fame is mediocre pornography which only drew attention because you shamelessly sold it so you could clutch desperately at the tailcoats of individualism, wow you're just so alternative and edgy, "'s are cool right? Is this right? Is this how I look like I have a personality?" Gold star for being so bravely non-conformist, it must be so hard to be a brainless little hypocrite with a camera and overwhelmingly bloated sense of self-importance."

    i sympathize with you jess, i wish i could too.

  99. wow thats a fukn lot of comments saying nothing... seriously y do you neeed to make so many pointless comments??? fukn idiots

  100. ...and what was that but a completely pointless comment?

  101. I was unfortunate enough to be sent a link to this blog, and have subsequently wasted a couple of minutes on this mindless dribble which has been attributed to "Michael Hunt". That's time I can't get back. Mike, people who take cameras out should use them for photos of themselves and their friends only. If I ever see anyone walking around taking photos of randoms similar to those pics posted above they'll be looking for a new camera. Also to ridicule a venue and then post photographic evidence of yourself in the same venue is hugely hypocritical. Everyone's right mate when they say get a life, now the trick is to demonstrate a level of intelligence we suspect you're devoid of and actually take the advice.

  102. I find this blog to be a little disconcerting. My main concerns are:

    • What impact a blog such of this will have on the safety of ‘Michael Hunt’ once his / her identity is revealed.

    • What impact this blog with have on the businesses cited within and the licensees who run said businesses. I think there is potential for a vast reprimand on these businesses, far greater than ‘Michael Hunt’ realises.

    • What would ‘Michael Hunt’ do if a person requested for their image to be taken down? Would the image be removed or the request ignored?

    I have contact the Australian Press Council and the Australian Privacy Commissioner (you can phone her on 1300 363 992 – please note that I did not inquire on behalf of businesses, so business owners named within might garner a different response) but apparently this blog falls outside of their jurisdiction.

    The only similar case I am aware of is NY Skanks where a woman targeted by that blog is actually suing Google because they would not reveal the identity of the person running the blog. It should be noted though that that blog named the woman repeatedly and made incredibly slanderous comments about her on a habitual basis.

    However, since this blog does not actually name anyone I don’t anyone will be able to take action against it directly, the individuals at least. I encourage the businesses named within to investigate this matter further before it damages their reputation beyond repair.

  103. You should tell everyone your name is Grace and you're at Curtin University, then it's even with all your subjects.

  104. Wow, look at all the people getting offended when their ridiculous behaviour is exposed for all to see! The poor little dears!

    If they didn't already think they were doing the wrong thing, when they consider their behaviour in the cold, sober, drug-free light of day, then they wouldn't bother to post a defensive response and/or flame the blogger. And yet, they write these comments which state they are actually perfectly happy with what they do and anyone who criticises it obviously has no life, or has a small penis. Personally, I actually picked "Michael Hunt" as a female, so I don't know why anyone would bother mentioning a penis, but I guess drug-addled people will have a problem with thinking correctly. Just a little side-effect you might want to consider before you go and do it next weekend.

    No wonder Ben Cousins had to get out of Perth to be rehabilitated. :D

  105. your all telling michael hunt to "get a life" and do something better with their time
    however all you find to do with your day is attack someone elses blogs?
    unless your the people in the photographs there is really no reason to complain
    everyone has a good laugh at the pingers and junkies going over the top when they see some out michael has just found a way to share the laughs
    lame comments accompanying the photos aside, this is a blog for people who thinks lobbers are gross and if you don't fit into that category then why did you look it up? and constantly come on here to cry?

  106. Genius. If people behave outrageously, why shouldn't you take photos of it?

    Some more photos of hideous girls spilling out of their Supre "dresses".

  107. Well I’m disappointed. Today tonight said this blog degraded and humiliated people. But I haven’t seen anything that would really embarrass the people in the shots for any extended period of their lives...Oh well, should know not to trust current affairs programs anyway shouldn't I. Personally I enjoy everything I do when I go out, I’m loud and happily provide public displays of affection...And if i ever ended up on here I’d be quite amused for about 10 seconds...and then get over it, get on with my life and go out...Now back to the Garfield website, that’s much funnier.

  108. someone give this gal a WHOLE biccie. imagine how wild she would be! awesome!

  109. This blog featured on 7 news tonight...they even showed the address nice one 7 news otherwise i wouldn't have known about this awesome blog.Stay tuned...self righteous bigot Monica will prolly feature it tomorrow night on This Day Tonight.

  110. Welcome to Perth, Western Australia.

    Local police are now targeting:


  111. Wow. If only my blog could get the publicity of a Fairfax article. But where's the "X-rated pictures" on this apparent "explicit photo blog"? Stupid sensationalist journos. Pretty tame stuff if you ask me.

    But I think you're going to get people in nightclubs with cameras bashed.

  112. I work for various publications shooting "social events" and I'm not the slightest bit worried about getting bashed in a nightclub just because I have a camera - I can prove my identity and that what I'm doing is work related.

    I think that this person will probably be using something inconspicuous like a point-and-shoot or cameraphone. So are you saying that everyone with a phone or compact camera is going to get bashed as well?

  113. The people that do it professionally would be fine I'd say, because they quite openly take pictures and have people posing and what not. It's the creeps lurking around in the background getting people unaware that'd be in trouble.

  114. So are you saying that everyone with a phone or compact camera is going to get bashed as well?

    Yes. You heard of the term "punch on"? I am gonna start with you, then I will carve a swath of glory thru Northbridge.

    This blog is a complete laff. Love the peeps here banging their law books.

  115. Two's great, andrews hot. and someone else was cool too. but Jessee.. oh jessee just doesnt know which ways up. she's all over the shop... how about u stop commenting jessee coz it is so cringeful reading ur comments. Owen shuts you down everytime and that is why owen is hilarious.

    Mike Hunt, considering your still going with all this even though this site was on the news saying how bad this is, proves that ur trying to be a pretty big boy. you must feel super cool to be classified as a stalker... you would be the ugliest cunt and thats why you take photos of other people so you can look at better looking people rather than taking pics of yourself with friends like normal people do. you obviously have no friends and do this to get attention. u are the biggest loser. u and jessee should go out.

  116. Ltrain - If you can prove you're legit you should be OK, just randoms with cameras might get in trouble if they're caught taking pics of pissed chicks in compromising positions... more than usual, because clubbers will be looking out for camera wielding folk while this blog is in the news.

    I don't give a fuck though. I live in Victoria... and hate nightclubs.

  117. I don't know which is more depressing, the behaviour in the photographs or that in the comment sections.

    That said, the folks waving their arms in the air screaming "won't someone think of the children?" and making noises about lawsuits made of fairy floss do have something hilarious about them, maybe the air of naivety.

    However it saddens me greatly to see anyone flatter the outpouring of bilge written above by "Two". I am of course assuming that it was written by an adult and not a ten-year-old with a thesaurus (in which case, keep up the good work kid!). You are not Jack Kerouac, so just feel free to throw in a line break here and there. Go ahead, the first one's free.

    The ladies love a man who knows how to use a line break.

  118. I know who the girl is.

  119. this comment-fest is like twitter except 98% less funny and nobody is talking about ketamine, the wire or mid-level cuisine.


  120. "Certain kinds of information about a person, such as information relating to health, personal relationships, or finances, may be easy to identify as private; as may certain kinds of activity, which a reasonable person, applying contemporary standards of morals and behaviour, would understand to be meant to be unobserved. The requirement that disclosure or observation of information or conduct would be highly offensive to a reasonable person of ordinary sensibilities is in many circumstances a useful practical test of what is private."

    Direct quote from High Court Chief Justice Gleeson, in ABC v Lenah Meats Co.

    Oh, and heads up to the girls writing this...i know some of the people featured in this blog, and someone has told them who you they now know your names and is are currently hiring lawyers. Make sure u keep checking ur letterbox for a court summons sweetie!