Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trevor Loveys at SHAPE

Last night I went to the deen then continued onto SHAPE, there was no shortage of rankness exhibited at both venues. Though in this post I will be concentrating on the new clientele of SHAPE has managed to attract it's definitely a turn for the worse! I'd have to say that last night for a one night stand the deen had nothing on SHAPE. Here are some fine examples of the new SHAPE crowd....

We shall start with the loving:
Not only did these guys make out throughout the night,
They also managed to rule the dance floor with their sexy salsa and bump'n'grind!
Pill in affect...Pill wears off...

Classic Lobber Looks

The Sniff:
The Embrace:The Chew:
The Charger:
Another thing SHAPE was doing a way shitter/ranker job of was whore dancing.

The patrons of SHAPE weren't going to let the rankness end when they left the club:
If only 95% of the patrons ended up like this (possibly dead from choking on their own vomit) the world would be a better place for us all! This is only a sample of the many people I captured disgracing themselves at SHAPE,unfortunately there were too many photos to post.

Positives of the night:
- Spending $30 on HJs and Kebabs
- Finding out one of my friends, who could have definitely featured on this blog many many a time, has decided to stop popping pillzzzzzzz
- Finding out that people who attend hip-hop-happenin' clubs like SHAPE are no better than those who attend the deen

Lovers and Lobbers


  1. ewww the Deen...
    but the Kebabs at Neros are greache!
    loving the action shots....maybe next week Ruby room?? Im sure you will catch a few aspiring Beyonce's there...the downside being you will have to actually be there yourself..right thurr!

  2. My question for you MikeHunt - did you pull ? Get any phone numbers ? Anyone make you feel 'wanted'?

  3. haha Jessee and and his philosophical questions! If anyone wanted to pull they wouldn't be wasting their time with people like that...besides I think the whole Idea behind this blog is the "capture" of human DESPERATION.

  4. Dear Jesse,

    I was approached with many offers to embarrass myself, though I declined them all in the rudest ways possible.

    Michael Hunt

  5. Popeye - Im a female actually, cheers anyway. Mikehunt - a friend of mine saw you taking pictures of people hooking up at Shape on Sat night and swears he had a conversation with you. He says your pretty cute actually, and much nicer in person than this blog would lead joe public to believe. I was wondering - are you straight, gay or bi?

  6. Haha Jessee doesnt matter what sex you are...your questions are LAME! dont you know there are clubs like the Deen or Shape that you can hook up with people...and your asking rex his/her sexual preferences here? what did i say in my last comment...oh yes i said DESPERATE maybe you to can end up in a picture here. I just hope your trying to be ironic or something.

  7. Popeye - sorry, unless your name is Mikehunt, the question was not directed to you so if I want your opinion I'll give it to you. For all you know I might be in a picture on here already. Obviously desperation is an important recurring theme with you, you must have plenty of first-hand experience with it. I couldn't care less what you HOPE for because no one cares what you think besides yourself.

  8. Dear Jesse

    He probably did have a conversation with me, I speak to lots of people when I'm out, the reason I'm so nice when I'm out is because I know the next day I will sit behind my computer and rip the shit out of most of people who annoyed me the previous night. I'm straight in answer to your question.

    Michael Hunt

  9. I was at Shape on Saturday night, and in fact am in one of those pics (background). I also spoke to someone taking photos of people hooking up, and I'm sure now it would be you. I thought it was you're friends you were taking photos of, but now it seems you were taking them of everybody!

    And for the record, Michael Hunt isn't a very feminine name, doesn't fit your appearance :)

    Much love

  10. ohh.... Next time I'm out on the town I want my picture taken by MikeHunt! Something tells me you have the potential to become a bit of a "Perth Celebrity"! :)I'll be out and about hunting you down this weekend, I might even buy you a burger or a kebab

  11. It's such a shame this blog wasn't about when the Lookout was still open!

  12. probs should stop being nice to people, because if people find out who you are, you're fucked under s345 of the Criminal Code.
    do u reckon that the inmates in jail will be like, heeeelll on pilllsss and shit? and u can take ladsy photos of them hooking up???
    i'd call u a cunt, but u probably dont know what that means seeing as u probably have never seen one because ur taking too many photos of other people living their lives

  13. Hey ghostie, keep doing what you do.

  14. Keep it up Mike, love your work. Don't worry about muppets who think they are tough by throwing insults at you or scary by talking about the 'Criminal Code' - the courts wont even lock up losers who assault cops and get filmed doing it so i'd say you have nothing to worry about.

  15. haha amu86. i love it! the ruby room- beyonce and akon mini me's! also haha to the lookout suggestion. can't forget bar 120 when that used to be "crackin."

  16. Your blog is awesome.

    r.e Tyson, he has to watch out? What exactly are these people going to do? Grind on his leg and then pass out on the floor?

    shut up.

  17. I think most of the bloggers here have done too too many drugs and have become little aggressive fools....talking about small dicks is just the type of immature talk that only a foolish uneducated 18 year old would say.

    I think the exposure is lame in comparison to what is really happening out there. Drunk girls dressed like prostitutes and all the male clones that are pure goons when alcohol infused.

    I think this site had the potential to show the reality of life out there in dumbsville but it far short of showing much but a few instances of nothing much really