Friday, March 13, 2009

Thee Bang Gang Deejays

When thee Bang Gang Deejays play its not too hard to predict the type of crowd they will draw on the basis of their musical choice. This day was no exception! With Shape being packed to the rafters by 10:30pm the night before for thee Bang Gang, I was under the impression the same sardine can would re-represent at the Cott...
Pleasantly surprised!
Throughout the set the dance floor did not exceed this number of people :D

Though the quality of those people was debatable...

Some Lobbers brought a permanent maker (and did not even tag loversandlobbers =O)
Instead they choose to get up with
"Jake was here" (who spellz that shiz correctly!)
"wi wi head"
"dizzee russell"
"get your minge out" (there was a just a tiny bit of this occuring throughout the night)

(click the image to enlarge and see all the lover-able tags for yourself)

Some times lobber just take it too far, was the pop not enough!!!!!

I had too much fun that night dancing like a fool with lobbers to excessive amounts of strobe and got 15 free juices due to the cott partaking in a thing called "Skippers" which should be implemented in all clubs.

Lovers and Lobbers

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