Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nick Littlemore

Last night I went to SHAPE for Nick Littlemore (aka front man from PNAU and Empire of the Sun) for his DJ set. Being a Wednesday I wasn't expecting to many people to be lobbing out, lets just say I was pleasantly surprised...
There wasn't too much love around, I only managed to snap this couple in a sweet embrace. Why would you pay $10 or $15 to sit on a couch and make out, seriously you can do that at home!

This lovely lass took the cake for worst night.
Pictures speak 1000 words.

This guy was lobbed out of his brain and was sweating up a storm. Some of this sweat came in contact with my arm so my friends and I spat up a storm on his back.

The text message this boy was writing read:
"I cant believe you guys took pills and didn't tell me, I'm so angry with you"
Meaning to say:
"I'm so bummed u guyz didnut give me any of ur pillz, I wana chew my face off with u guyz on this bangin' Wednesday. NowI have to go home, becuz I cannot go out with out bicciez and clearly donut attend these eventz for da musik"

Then some black chick went crazy mad....
Later I asked her what it was about and she said the guy she was blasting was her best friend (tough crowd..) When I was leaving I saw her sitting in the car park by herself, I actually felt sorry for her.

All in all it was a delightful night with the following highlights:
I managed to get in for free
I don't have a hang over cuz i didnt drink
I got the best McFeast Ever (minus onion, plus bacon)
Wild Strawberries with Matt was wayyy wild

Lovers and Lobbers

Monday, January 26, 2009

Action Required

One. Delete all the shit you keep in your bookmarks...

Two. Now add this page, its the only thing you'll ever need.

Australia Day

For the evening of Australia Day, I attended a concert at the leederville hotel.
It started off a slow one, with most of the willing dardies being denied entry, due to the fact 3 forms of photo id and a birth certificate is not enough points of id to gain entry to the leederville hotel. Shout out to the ugly female bouncers, one of which ended up getting bashed by Alex.

In any case I managed to grab these happy snaps of the few folk who made it into the venue...

I spotted this fellow not long after arriving, it was approximately 7pm, I didnt see him around later in the night. I assume he is dead.

Do you think I am cooked?

There was about 6 of these guys all together and shirtless, sucking on pops, amazing!

Time for a bit of loving...

Time for the dirties...

Nothing quite says a good night when you can't even manage to shit in a toilet and then continue to try to cover it up with toilet paper.

Though in all fairness Grafton Primary played a rocking set, I didn't pay for a drink (thanks to our lobbing friends who dropped all their drink vouchers on the floor :D)
and I didn't get kicked out.

Lovers and Lobbers

Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Blog

This blog will be dedicated to all of those fine people of Perth who regularly embarrass themselves by popping one too many or publicly displaying their attraction for another. Finally Perth will have somewhere to turn to be reminded of these low moments. Hopefully I might deter you from future acts of this nature and save you from a lifetime of personal disgrace. Also you might become famous on the internet for being exceedingly unattractive.

Here are a few example of the subject matter I will be capturing on a weekly basis for this blog:

I found this man passed out outside SHAPE his lolly pop had fallen out of his mouth onto the clean streets of Perth, being the lobber loving person I am, I kindly returned the pop to his open mouth...

*Image Removed*

This is a lass, I know and love dearly, but this photo truly embraces what my blog is all about. When your so off you head you chew on glow sticks wearing a wig you found on the floor of a mosh pit, you never want to be reminded of it.

*Image Removed*

This is a beautiful drunken pash shared by two 17 yr olds. This photo was spread around a school like wild fire and caused a lot of serve embarrassment for the two offenders.

Hopefully I can get a post together from Australia Day (tomorrow) and actually entice some readers!

Lovers and Lobbers