Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nick Littlemore

Last night I went to SHAPE for Nick Littlemore (aka front man from PNAU and Empire of the Sun) for his DJ set. Being a Wednesday I wasn't expecting to many people to be lobbing out, lets just say I was pleasantly surprised...
There wasn't too much love around, I only managed to snap this couple in a sweet embrace. Why would you pay $10 or $15 to sit on a couch and make out, seriously you can do that at home!

This lovely lass took the cake for worst night.
Pictures speak 1000 words.

This guy was lobbed out of his brain and was sweating up a storm. Some of this sweat came in contact with my arm so my friends and I spat up a storm on his back.

The text message this boy was writing read:
"I cant believe you guys took pills and didn't tell me, I'm so angry with you"
Meaning to say:
"I'm so bummed u guyz didnut give me any of ur pillz, I wana chew my face off with u guyz on this bangin' Wednesday. NowI have to go home, becuz I cannot go out with out bicciez and clearly donut attend these eventz for da musik"

Then some black chick went crazy mad....
Later I asked her what it was about and she said the guy she was blasting was her best friend (tough crowd..) When I was leaving I saw her sitting in the car park by herself, I actually felt sorry for her.

All in all it was a delightful night with the following highlights:
I managed to get in for free
I don't have a hang over cuz i didnt drink
I got the best McFeast Ever (minus onion, plus bacon)
Wild Strawberries with Matt was wayyy wild

Lovers and Lobbers


  1. you give nova shit and your at an empire of the sun and Pnau gig.. you fucking idiotic hypocryte... who do you think plays their music?

    your just as much a sell out as any media outlet.


  2. Hey 'U R A CUNT',
    Sorry but all evidence is suggesting it is actually YOU that is the CUNT!

    Leave Mike Hunt alone! Stop reading all his posts just to make rude and nasty comments about them, I mean you're not going to get that 10 minutes of your life back, which you just spent clicking on posts and carefully constructing your clever and articulate comments.

    Sorry mate but I dont think you are going to get much love on here, perhaps you should just trot on back to Myspace and listen to a few Pink songs to calm yourself down...

    Just a suggestion!

    Have a lovely day!

  3. amu86: Thanks! :D

    U R CUNT: Firstly it was a Nick Littlemore gig not a Empire of the Sun or PNAU gig. Nick Littlemore is a well known artist who existed before these "sell-out" acts (as you call them)! So clearly you have confirmed that nova listeners are sellouts and you are in fact one, as you know jack shit about music!

    Michael Hunt

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  5. hahaha i had to look this up after seeing it on the news... Thank god you were not around when I was younger and dumber, and to those people featured on here serves your right :) (gotta love the older and wiser now hypocrites)

  6. You poor arsehole, Mike Hunt. So sad that no-one is looking at you, hey? 'Cos you don't know how to have fun. You're too busy standing there in the crowd with a twisted grimace of hatred, scorn dripping off your face, stalking your prey - thinking how superior you are to these 'dickheads'... who have lives and feelings and take a chance. Too busy measuring how 'knowledgeable' you are about music, and feeling nothing. Nothing good.

    The fact that you spat on that guys back is disgusting. I think you should be exposed. And it will happen. I feel sorry for you, Mr. Superior.

  7. Frogs, I agree that the spitting incident is pretty poor form. I know I sweat up a storm and would not expect to be spat on for merely having a good time. That's pretty disgusting behaviour.

    Also, I think that the "Mr. Superior" that your refer to may actually be a "Miss Superior". Have spotted a few things in Mike Hunts's blog I think indicate Michael may be a Michelle. things like having guys rubbing up against them, talk of future husbands and there is something in the writing style that just doesn't seem manly.

  8. Yes, you're right, Tyler - I just read the 'future husbands' post. Most definitely female... which is probably why the people in the photos don't appear to be too worried about being camera-stalked by a complete stranger. They don't suspect what a creep she is.

    She probably smiles and/or 'befriends' some of them first (eg. the cute girl in the blue dress). Grooming them almost (ugh) before sticking the knife in on the web later on, with no concern for their potential humiliation.

    Well, as I said, 'Michelle', I don't think it will be too long before the world-wide humiliation is yours. Well done. Internet fame for all the wrong reasons. It's quite a perfect little demonstration of 'reap what you sow'.