Sunday, February 1, 2009


On Saturday, 31st January a friend and I had a BIG NIGHT OUT.
Firstly attending the cream of Perth's clubs: the deen, paramount, rise, mint and bar open.
We first chose to enter the rise (due to getting free entry cards from ravers) where I captured these lucky lobbers on digital...
Where else but rise would people be so unashamed of themselves?
Though on a positive note the rise lived up to its reputation and played at least 3 quality raver anthems in the 30 minutes we were there. Rise really is unveiling a revolution the common follower must have a complete disregard for anything that is attractive (faces, clothing, scent) and must embody this at all times.

We then moved on the mint, a part of rise dance club. The atmosphere here was very different with gangstar beats bangin' and all the hotties grindin' creating there was plenty of room for some loving snaps...
It was an a.m.a.z.i.n.g experience, which I would have never ever paid an entry fee for!

We then continued onto the paramount, there was no shortage of loving at Perth's well known club for a booty call. Example below...
Positive of going to the paramount: we didn't have to wait in line as some people who attended our school were in the front of the line (though they were denied entry we still manage to get in instantly) once inside we got flashing midori glasses and mad cunt bling midori necklaces (for freeee!) We threw ice on people who were clearly too hot to handle. Then we found gold, a unopened tampon next to the bar, of course we did what any normal peron would we dived to the floor armed with a glass of water, plunged that baby and threw it at boys that tried to grind our legs.

Then we proceeded to the deen and found a black raver...

It was now time for the first and last outlay of money for the night as we proceeded to Bar Open as we only possessed a 2 for 1 entry card we were hit up for a $4 fee each, as there was only 4 other patrons in the club (making a total of 6 people) there was no hope of any quality pictures. Though we made a few song requests and the DJ denied our requests "as they were not suitable for this dance floor" we replied with the fact "we are the dance floor!" he then played our music :D

Finally, we were fed up with these free clubs and moved on the SHAPE (for an event named Big Night Out, oh how fitting!) and the people of Perth continued to amaze me...

Oh you sexy thaaaaaang you

the chew: featured above

The highlights of SHAPE (apart from the above): free entry, amazingly cold juice (also free), pirouettes, meeting hot chip

Best things about the night:
I only spent $4.00 and ate a big bag of chips.

Lovers and Lobbers

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  1. I always wondered why Rise chose to call their big Saturday night "Revolution"; was it revolution as in " a complete or marked change in something" or the revolution that is "a procedure or course, as if in a circuit"?

    If it is the latter, perhaps it is an ironic, postmodern comment on Simon Barwood's DJ sets, which appear to be exactly the same as they were in 2004. And, in 2004 they seemed to be the same as they were in 1999....and so on.

    But it's not only Barwood's sets that have a familiar but different feel; as your photos demonstrate, the Rise crowd still wear those fucking awful pants that they always have(giant, yellow, flouro bits, plastic buckles), only instead of accessorising them with a Marilyn Manson or Korn shirt (sooooooo 2004), they now don a My Chemical Romance t shirt.

    It's all a bit too easy though, poking fun at Rise types because they "dress bad" (read: we really hate them because they come from poor suburbs like armadale and are unself-consciously enjoying themselves). It's the smug fuckwits packing out Shape that really deserve a good, hard public blogging.....

    keep up the good work,