Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well considering this post is exceedingly late compared with other blogs/reviews, that would suggest that it will be the best (i.e. saving the best til last). This years bdo was definitely the best yet as I met two potential husbands:
If any one has this guy's number, please donate it to me so I may be the fire between his loins.
His competition:
He comes with this as an added bonus:
Clearly becuz they wear the same outfit they come like a 2 for 1. Winners for these boys: we have already exchanged saliva (well it was a one directional exchange...) and their taste in brands is impeccable (everlast, SMP, $10 rip off J-LO sunnies).

I doubt I'll be able to make the important decision so if anyone knows either of these choices please assist me in tracking them down so we may exchange life plans.

RAVERS - apart for being off their heads 99.9% of the time, they have other great traites...
Fashion Sense:
Cool Hair Ups:
Someone please embody this next weekend!

Smartly Dressed: Neck chain (glow sticks), back pack (water) and shorts with pockets (vicks, chewing gum, lollypops). Thus safely securing all raver necessary items. Though most importantly they do not wearing any unnecessary clothing items or accessories (shirts, hats... who needs sun protection? NOT RAVERS!)

Classic Lobber Looks are being displayed in the below, see if you can spot them all!The Prodigy was where the lobber loving was at:
Not explanation is needed for the above 2 subjects.

And the for the finale, a beautiful photo series:

The days positives:
- Once again lobbers want me to get drunk, dropping of 8 drink vouchers in total though I drove so I sold them for money ($40.. BARGAIN!)
- Not getting sunburn as I dress even smarter than ravers,
- Rolling in a pile of ice with my bestie (awwwww).

Lovers and Lobbers

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