Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Vibrations

Yes, it was time to get dusty at none other than...And with a little inspiration for the lovely folks of Perth I have decided to release an official set of new festival rules:
Don't take off your shirt if your even semi fat, have back pimples, if you are not really tanned as at the end of the day your sunburn will make people cringe, are not willing to accept the fact that people will try to steal your shirt from its new found home (tucked into your shorts).
Don't ever dry root in public.
I presented this lass with a business card and she replied
"but its ok (to act like this).... he's my bf!"

Don't sniff on the asses of toy pandas which you have soaked in vicks the night before.

Don't take too many (if any...) pillzzzzzzz

I think that is enough rules for the rank of Perth to try to process for one sitting now I'd like to highlight some of the more positive PUNTERS (in reviews of late I have seen this word being used excessively and I am in love with the connotations in which it draws to festival goers). Below are some people I would consider to be PUNTERS...

Highlights of my day:
Spending $0
Meeting Sam Sparro in the Ladies toilets at the after party and getting to see his dirty Sanchez mustache up close!
Saying punters every 3 to 4 minutes
Getting another photo with KIM to add to my collection
Witnessing french rap (live!) at the after party
Loosing my voice
Yelle was amazing!

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