Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Future Music Festival

Once again the typical festival catch 22 situation reared its head; the acts were great, the people were gross. Mind you greatness of the acts outweighed the grossness of the people and without any gross people I wouldn't have a blog!

This guy's shirt represented every punters thoughts:

WALRUS - is one lolly pop not enough?
Does it work on a ratio of pills to lollypops?

The usual lobbing activites were in no short supply...
These two asians were dry humping throughout grand master flash, only stopping to "clear their heads"
The Chew times two, yeah baby!
When out of pop, the stick can and will be used instead.

There was also a new lobber talent on show - Multitasking!
This guy is doing a really really great job of:
Lobbing, Being on the Phone, Drinking and Standing Up

Other Lobber talents...
Congrats Lobbers! As I see being on top of a bin a step in the right direction, your just that little bit closer towards being in the bin, your rightful place!

Positives of the Day and Night:
- Free Ticket from my mummabear
- My brother getting a blood nose from the security
- Pharrell inviting girls on stage then being a total cunt to them (i.e one tried to take a photo with him and he knocked her camera out of her hands onto the floor!)

Lovers and Lobbers


  1. Hahaha Pharrell was joy.....all those silly whores thought they were the shit! I thought he was gonna back-hand one of them at one stage!

  2. a Chris Brown on their inferior womanly bee-hinds...
    my personal fave..the walrus...that girl is going to get chronic chupa chup cheek!

  3. what a shame most of the pictures reappear under different names come on fellas i know oyu can do better

  4. worked at this festival, saw some of the funniest shit i have ever seen, including the super proud ho-bags being taken backstage by pharrell's 'security"