Monday, February 9, 2009

Rottnest Island

Yes, this weekend my travels took me to Rottnest Island. I took my wife (Katherine Hunt, soon to be a co-writer) over for her birthday. We were marooned on the island Friday through Monday, inclusive. We road a total of 50km, which is a lot when you don't exercise regularly. We had many splendid adventures, many do not contain lovers or lobbers but are totally awesome so I'm posting them anyway.

Our Home for the next 3 nights TENTLAND!

Quokkas like totally love to make love and shit:
So do people:
Pictured Above: Wayne (who after 4 days of calling him that we found out his name was Phil) and Renae. The are true lovers and our neighbours. They are a.m.a.z.i.n.g as they have been married for 10 years and are not even bitter, drank a whole bottle of wild turkey and accused the police of pushing coke, as there is a coca cola vending machine outside.

Day One:
Swam in that beach, yeah baby!
We invited onto a boat similar to the one pictured for steak and fish, water skiing, snorkeling and wine! Best bay in the world, only accessible if your are emulating Leonardo Di Caprio. Then instead of riding to the pub we were ferried by this boat with our bikes, sweeeet!

Day Two:
Commandeered this vessel:
....and nearly died! In a nutshell drifted out to sea, dingy had a hole, digny did not have oars or a motor, held onto a cray pot rope for 30 minutes, got rescued by a man on a million dollar boat he asked his wife if they could get a divorce so he could come hang with us! =D

Embraced Pirates of the Caribbean:

Started a party here:

Day Three:
Swam in this bay and many others:
Took these photos:
We thought it was a shit, but it was a sea slug, damn!

The went to another party at the infamous "Hot Showers"

Day Four:
Swam in this bay and many others:
Went home =(

We meet a shit load of mad cunts and toasted marshmallows and ate mi goreng sandwiches with them!

Lovers and Lobbers

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