Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Blog

This blog will be dedicated to all of those fine people of Perth who regularly embarrass themselves by popping one too many or publicly displaying their attraction for another. Finally Perth will have somewhere to turn to be reminded of these low moments. Hopefully I might deter you from future acts of this nature and save you from a lifetime of personal disgrace. Also you might become famous on the internet for being exceedingly unattractive.

Here are a few example of the subject matter I will be capturing on a weekly basis for this blog:

I found this man passed out outside SHAPE his lolly pop had fallen out of his mouth onto the clean streets of Perth, being the lobber loving person I am, I kindly returned the pop to his open mouth...

*Image Removed*

This is a lass, I know and love dearly, but this photo truly embraces what my blog is all about. When your so off you head you chew on glow sticks wearing a wig you found on the floor of a mosh pit, you never want to be reminded of it.

*Image Removed*

This is a beautiful drunken pash shared by two 17 yr olds. This photo was spread around a school like wild fire and caused a lot of serve embarrassment for the two offenders.

Hopefully I can get a post together from Australia Day (tomorrow) and actually entice some readers!

Lovers and Lobbers

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