Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day

For the evening of Australia Day, I attended a concert at the leederville hotel.
It started off a slow one, with most of the willing dardies being denied entry, due to the fact 3 forms of photo id and a birth certificate is not enough points of id to gain entry to the leederville hotel. Shout out to the ugly female bouncers, one of which ended up getting bashed by Alex.

In any case I managed to grab these happy snaps of the few folk who made it into the venue...

I spotted this fellow not long after arriving, it was approximately 7pm, I didnt see him around later in the night. I assume he is dead.

Do you think I am cooked?

There was about 6 of these guys all together and shirtless, sucking on pops, amazing!

Time for a bit of loving...

Time for the dirties...

Nothing quite says a good night when you can't even manage to shit in a toilet and then continue to try to cover it up with toilet paper.

Though in all fairness Grafton Primary played a rocking set, I didn't pay for a drink (thanks to our lobbing friends who dropped all their drink vouchers on the floor :D)
and I didn't get kicked out.

Lovers and Lobbers

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  1. Haha, look at that guy's underwear in the fourth photo down; bet his mum still buys those tight black "jocks" for him in packs of three from K-mart (though only when the specials are on).

    Pull your pants up, chief. And be careful when you shake after going to the toilet; there's some pretty big piss spots on the front of your chinos. Mum'll have to wash them twice in one week!