Thursday, April 9, 2009

Supporters of Lovers and Lobbers

The image above was emailed through to me by a fan who thought I might like it. This delightful man was snapped outside Bobby Dazzler's in Perth at 2pm. Theory one: he's a bum living outside the pub occasionally moving to scab money for export or... Theory two: he's last night was the biggest night of his live. He passed out in front of Bobby Dazzler's after being kicked out cos the pub was closin' and decided why not should he not remain there for the entirety of his hangover.

If that's not true lovers and lobbers style being exhibited on the dirty streets of Perth, can you show me what is?

Leading to the point of this post...

I need your help! Unfortunately there are just too many Perth people insisting on popping too many pills, making out and generally embarrassing themselves in public for me to capture on camera all by myself. So I put the invitation to you to snap those lovers and lobbers moments yourself and email them thought to with any details (i.e date, time, event) and a comment if you so wish.

Lovers and Lobbers


  1. I think you are doing this community a great service. People intentionally embarrassing themselves deserve to be embarrassed further.

  2. Haha, fairly sure this is your lame attempt to continue your stream of pictures without having to take them yourself... or should I say yourSELVES. A lot of people know who you guys are now... and yes a lot of people are aware it's not just one person. A lot of people also know your name.

    It's just a matter of time - you may as well cut your losses.

  3. Who really gives a shit who 'Mike Hunt' is?? WHat are you all seriously gonna do when you find 'him'?? Its pretty simple really....don't take drugs and act like a fukwit and your photo won't end up on here. Gee that was hard to figure out wasn't it??

  4. Shhh mish. The michael hunt girls are just goint too far. like it was funny with the pics from the manor... but i think they got a bit carried away and now its getting boring. is all the pilllzzzzzz and biccieeezzzzz talk supposed to make people not want to do it? you girls need to go out and just enjoy urselves, give it a go. hope to see you soon GOD