Friday, April 3, 2009

Summerfest at Curtin Tavern

Curtin Student Guild put a show I will never forget, it was a hilarious night filled with love, sweat and bad fashion. There was so much energy in the air it was fantastic, having never been to a guild event before I found out very quickly what they were all about. Drinking shitloads of alcohol, trying to seduce your crush and making a general idiot of your self.
Shall we start with the lovers....

I love the seedy look on the boy above's face its like he knows in about 5 seconds he will be in the same situation as the people featured about him.
This boy was not gurning though I feel the way he is loving chomping into that kebab bummed him into the loving category putting him up there with the boys chomping on girls faces.

There was plently of male love on show too, the boys from Curtin sure were not ashamed of their true sexuality.
Let the gurning begin!
Though the above two photos could just be a bad angle or moment in time, I must stress that they are not these two actually looked like this! If only someone could have given that boy a chewy...
This boy might have enjoyed one as well.

It was a night of debauchery that put north bridge to shame and it was amazing to say the least. Curtin student guild sure knows how to throw a dirty dirty party and make sure all the good little students are at home in bed with mummy by 12am.

Lovers and Lobbers


  1. That wasn't even funny or scandalous. Yawn.

  2. All dead now...your moment of glory has come to an end.

  3. I'm still trying to get this L&L thing - even drove me to post about why I reckon it's so damned popular:

  4. I assume the western suburbs kiddies on the gurn train like this blog as it makes them feel rebellious and 'hip' (for lack of a better word).

    The irony is, the blog is highlighting how widespread pill use is, which surely detracts from the 'edginess' of the behaviour.

  5. i bet half of them aren't even on pills, more like their friends friends neighbours dexies.

  6. Actually, dexies are far more difficult to get than pills.
    I bet they are all on pills.