Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bloody Beetroots

Roll up! roll up! for the amazing gurners at Circus Villa. Yeah gay opening line, but its so true. Villa has become "the place" in Perth to charge. That place just screams clenched jaws and chewing gum covered soles. So I guess I left the bloody beetroots feeling a little let down. This dull mood might also have been caused by being punched in the face for politely trying to help out my fellow lady and pull her skirt down to a reasonable length, guess she liked it the way it was. Though I think she came out worse, having lost $400 worth of hair extensions... I know I'm such a mad cunt.

Anyways onto more important things such as this guy :

Seriously I warned you the weekend before at shape to stay off the biccies at Villa and there you go again sitting on the water so your pills kick in quicker. I'm almost about to call you mum on this one.

Local celebrities and lovers perthquake where there and certainly were not missing out on any action.

This guy was pretty hilarious and that girl was literally ripping his hairs out of his skull and he was still peaking, good sport.

Check out the guy in the top right had corner, maybe he should invest in pupils instead of pills.
But like I said I was disappointed in the night, but I really had to highlight mr. thrid time lucky and the darlings over at perthquake, possibly the only blog roll I'm featured on hahaha

Lovers and Lobbers

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